LOCAL OFF disabling Octave Selector annoyance

Hi. This one has already been raised in the thread about using the Super 6 as a master keyboard, but I thought it was worth highlighting separately here. The issue is that invoking LOCAL OFF disables the Octave Selector lever, and this quickly becomes a frustrating experience when using the Super 6 as the input device with a DAW. Pitch bend and modulation controls all behave as you would wish in this state, so hopefully this should be a relatively straightforward firmware fix without any negative consequences? Thanks!

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What DAW are you/people using when experiencing this?

I have Local Off and can change octaves fine in Logic and Ableton Live…

I have the S6 as master keyboard connected to a MPC. Also find the user experience poor in this space, if I’m controlling other instruments I first need to navigate to the S6 track on the MPC change octave on the keyboard then navigate back to the other instrument on the MPC and continue what I was doing and there. Bit of a flow kill.

I’m using Logic over here. Modwaev’s workaround of hopping back onto the S6 MIDI track to change octaves is a little smoother than what I’ve been doing, which was to toggle Local On and Off via the Shift button every time I wanted to change octave on a virtual instrument (somewhat infuriating and error prone). Hopefully though, this will appear on the list of fixed bugs on the next firmware update.

I use it for a Peak and the switch disables. Yes very annoying.

Just letting you know we’ve addressed this and Local off no longer disables the octave selector- will be there part of next update


That’s awesome, thanks!

was this addressed in .53 update? Didn’t see it in the release notes.

I have the most current firmware and I still have the same “problem”

@ptlaino the fix is not on our 0,53 release but is ready and awaiting our next release