Massive price reduction: a good idea?

UDO presented the white S6 and the blue S6 desktop. Both models called SE (special edition) will be priced much lower compared the existing ones. This is nice for buyers but very bad for guys like me, who want to sell their used S6 for a new Gemini.
I planned to try to sell it for 2350…2400Euro, but now it seems impossible due to the price of the new SE, which is 2399Euro.
What do you think about the price reduction?

Hi, unfortunately many retailers have not listed it as such, but the price drop for white kb and blue desktop is a limited offer, and few of the blue model desktop will be made before it is discontinued.

The white model super 6 will remain in production but the price offer will also expire and it will be in line with other models again.


I’m really happy with this initiative.
I’m in, white S6 pre-ordered last week to be delivered in France in 12-15 weeks from now on apparently.

And by the way @udo-audio , congratulations for launching such ambitious synths on the market, I hope those SE pre-orders are in line with your expectations !

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Would be possible in the future to purchase the knobs and slider caps in different colors?


Hi, yes and if you want to do this now you can just write to us. As long as too many people don’t ask we do have some spare. Later we will consider to add these to our coming online shop.


But usually, “special editions” are more expensive than standard editions. :smile:
I love the Super 6 Deskop in blue… :heart_eyes: but I already own the white one.

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Hello. Just wanted to confirm something here. For a couple years I have been wanting a white Super 6. Now that it’s here, it’s unfortunately landing at a time when I don’t have the means to acquire one. I saw limited edition and my heart sank a bit. But you are saying the white Super 6 should remain in production for a while? I am working towards having the funds set aside again, but will take me some months. You’re saying this unit should be in production for a relatively long amount of time?

Obviously no one needs to encourage me to do anything irresponsible, but just curious if I don’t act now, will I be subject to scavenging the used market as my only means of obtaining?

Thanks. That was a long winded way of asking my question haha…

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@saysthetedd don’t worry we got you. When you’re ready there’ll be one with your name on it.


Hello! I’m UK based and looking at picking up one of the UDO desktops. I’ve seen a few going for around the £1777 mark at a few stores (Gak, Music Matter, DV247, Andertons etc). It’s looking like I’m not going to be able to pick one up for a few months. Is the price of the desktop looking as though it will increase in the near future in context to the info in this thread? I have also noticed a few stores also selling up to for £1966 which is a couple of hundred more, which is a significant difference.