Mod destination mapping changes the parameter values?

When creating a mod destination in the matrix using the direct method (twiddling the control), moving the control seems to change the actual parameter value. Am I doing something wrong or is this the intended behavior? My expectation from other synths like the PolyBrute is that while holding the button to create a destination mapping, the controls are temporarily disconnected from their parameters so that you can move them without affecting your sound.

While holding the assign button, move the control a tiny bit until you see the leds flourish then use the encoder to dial in the amount

Thanks, sounds like it’s intended behavior then and you just have to be careful not to move the control too much. I tend to have certain parameters dialed in exactly where I want them by the time I’m creating routings, so even a little bit of movement can throw things off.

If you move the control only a small amount it won’t affect the setting and the fader should be “almost” where it was physically let me know how you get on