New random lfo value per trigger assignable to waveform selection

Hi, I sold off a couple eurorack modules, specifically the ALM Akemie’s Taiko and Tyso Daiko. I realized I could recreate most of their tones with the digital waves in my Super 6. However, I need more 4-6 OP FM digital waveforms. Also, the ability to use LFO 1 as a random generator that sets a new voltage value at each note press and assign that to waveform selection. The Taiko was fun because I could send random to every parameter including waveforms and have a non-repeating glitched out beat or melody. We can do this with the S6 if we can modulate waveform selection. Also, it could be done with non-random LFOs but in a smooth interpolation like a wavetable oscillator. That would be incredible!