Patch Randomizer/Generator

Just an idea I’d like to throw out there. If it can’t be implemented on the hardware, maybe it could go hand in hand with any web librarian or software application for patch tweaking/management.

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I’d be very interested to see it done in a librarian as well. One of the other synths I lust after (but chose not to have -for now at least- to get a Super 6) was the Deckard’s Dream. The third-party librarian/daw host for that, J.F. Sebastian, does randomization as well as a sort of patch matrix that lets you morph between presets.

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When the firmware includes full midi any external software can implement randomization using the cc/nrpn.


Remember to hit the manual button from time to time and see what random madness you get.


Woah, the patch matrix thing is a really cool idea. I’d love to see something like that for the super6.

I stay in manual mode 99.9% of the time.

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