Realistic Cello Patches?

Has anyone managed to create any cello sounding patches? I came across an Instagram post a while back of someone playing a cello patch on an S6 and it sounded absolutely stunning but I can’t seem to get anything close to a deep sounding cello patch.

Any tips and tricks would be much appreciated or alternatively if anyone has a sweet patch to share.

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Possibly the cello patch you liked had external effect, such as comb filter or a bit of vocoding? My own string patch is great, and creates lovely chords too. A lot of it is the Amp envelope, with a bit of filter mod grunge. Personally I like Mellotron strings, which sound rosiny/spiccato.

I have written every factory patch in an exercise book, with my modified and self made patches in layer 2 banks. Most factory patches will eventually get over-written in favour of ones that can be played rather than sound effects and thick solo ones, which are no use to me.

Could you not use a cello sample as a waveform?

Are you talking about this video?

I think that’s Ben Crosland’s ‘Marcato’ patch, A8 from the UDO Patch Pack 1.

Would love to hear Eleanor Rigby played with that patch.

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Have given that a go but still didn’t really come close to what i had in mind.

no, it wasn’t this video, although pretty rad but for the life of me, I cant find the one I mentioned above.