~ Replicate This Patch - Win $200 ~

I have an audio sample here. It was created on the Super6.

If you can create a patch that replicates this sound, I will send you $100.
$120 in crypto if you prefer.

The sample consists of a two chord sequence. Nothing outside of the S6 is used.
There is expression throughout the sequence (cc74).

The chords are:

E flat minor - d#2 + f#2 + a#3 + a#4

followed by:

B flat minor c2 + d#2 + f#3 + g#4

Sound easy enough?

Thoughtbubble: This patch might be originally derived from somewhere in Factory bank B2.
B2 - P8 seems close, but I’m no expert. :smiley:


Quick where is the sunny synths editor when you need them :rofl:

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Upping this to $150. Or $200 in the crypto of your choice! :smiley:

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I’m probably missing something, but why…?

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Isn’t the money and glory enough, Yan?

Well, I guess if there are 100s of replies - yes… :grinning:

Glory is in the mind, Yan. No fawning throngs required.


I think I’d quite enjoy a fawning throng or two… :slight_smile:


That is true of so many of us, Yan. Therein lies the danger!