Sent back a defective Desktop... now I ask for advice

I just got a Desktop, but I had to send it back for a hardware problem that manifestated itself immediately. It was randomly shooting out high level notes with fixed waves… I could not even change the volume when it happened. I tried changing position and power outlet but with no change, did a reset and a firmware update too. No change. So I sent it back and asked for a refund, being VERY frustrated.
The problem is that I really liked the sound of it (when it was working) so now I am thinking about getting a second one as long as I got my refund but I am terrified of getting another defective unit…
What would you do? There is actually no other desktop to pair with my Osmose… so I really would like to give it a second chance, as one of my favorite italian shops has it in stock now.

There are always issues but I wouldn’t worry - even if by some slim chance you got another duffer, you could return that too. I’d say the odds were in your favour and the Super 6 is a lovely-sounding instrument.
I should try my Osmose/Super 6 together at some point but I’ve been using my Blofeld very nicely with it so far - the poly aftertouch mapped in the mod matrix works a treat.


I had audio issues with my unit and decided against another try with UDO. I was fortunate that those issues happend within my 30 day money back guarantee.

The only reason i decided against one more try with UDO was simply this: UDO support didn’t bother to write me back although i sent 2 emails with my problem asking for help and advice.

I was in the EXACT same situation as you. My desktop was 1 year ago, and I returned it.

Since then they’ve had firmware improvements, and also I learned about keeping the VCA Env Level just under 0 to avoid the blasts.

So I bought a Super6 Black keyboard about 3 weeks ago, and I’m loving it. Zero issues.