Setting maximum voice count for a patch

Not sure if this is already possible, (I’ve only had my super-6 for a couple of days now so it’s probably too soon to be asking questions heh).

I was wondering if it’s possible to manually limit the voice count in a particular patch, I was trying to make an everything-in-it’s-right-place patch. And I got really close but I think limiting the patch to 5 voice polyphony would get it that little bit closer to the original prophet 5 sound.

Mmm… you can’t choose a voice count but you can try Poly 2 mode. When you play a chord of 5 voices, then another chord of 5 voices they will perfectly replace without release tails adding. May get you closer!


@dansimco sorry I didn’t mean to “unsolve” this ticket, have ticketed it solved hope ok!

i am absolutely in love with poly 2 mode!

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Good to hear. It’s great for fast sustained chord progressions and is necessary to be able to play some songs that relied on this mode present in many 80s Roland synths

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Hey, would it be cool if you shared your patch for this? Or even just a general guideline? I’ve been trying to recreate that sound but haven’t had much luck… thanks!

I kind of changed the sound away from it as i experimented. I’ll have a go of doing a proper job of it. There’s a reddit thread showing the prophet settings which is a good starting point