Saving patch changes volume of patch?

Running V3 firmware here.

I find that sometimes when I save a patch, the saved version is significantly quieter than the version I was editing immediately before the save.


I think you should just learn the thing before posting 100 topics no offense.

No offense taken.

I find it useful to post as I learn, taking care not to ask questions rashly.

This populates the forums with answers to questions others will ask in the future, and helps me learn in the process. As this is a relatively new forum, it is benefitted by more questions and their answers, which are revealed in search queries when learners are seeking answers.

If Udo takes issue with people using this forum enthusiastically, they are of course welcome to let me know. Personally, I don’t see why it should disturb anybody’s peace of mind.

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I’ve never noticed this personally. Is anything connected to your MIDI input? Wondering if you might be sending MIDI volume data from an external source.

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Fair enough it seems you are brand new with the synth though so I wouldn’t be looking out for problems just yet before you get suitably acquainted with it. Maybe you answer your own questions with a little more experience. Got no qualm with simple questions maybe it will provoke a good discussion if you figure it out what is/was going on update us. Not experienced this myself I have to say but I know what it is like the be wet behind the ears and nothing seems to makes sense.

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You were right, softroom! There were gain automations in a track messing with it. I’ve never seen automations like this effect non recorded volumes before. Live and learn.

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