Super 6 preset midi cc

I want to know if its possible to change the preset through midi cc.
changing banks in Octatrack sends program change but super’s 6 preset doesnt change

The manual has a section on Global Settings where setup of MIDI is described. Maybe receive of program change isnt enabled?

Just go to Global settings (see manual) and turn on program change etc - it works really well. Hope this helps you get the best from the S6

I can also just add the same comment. Program change is sent and received perfectly as I’m using that in my editor. Here is the way to set it up:

To check TX/RX-P (this is the ability to send/receive Program changes to/from the synth):

  • Press Shift (if you left the Shift mode) and black button C.
  • Press white key 1 and 2 so they are steady.
  • Press Shift to leave the Shift mode