Super Gemini First Impressions

Congrats UDO team on the launch of the Super Gemini - really is an incredible synth!

Whats everyone’s first impressions?

I’ve shared a mini jam video here


Tell us what we’re all dying to know: does MIX as a mod destination actually work?

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And if MIX as mod destination is implemented:
what is the musical difference between the morphing feature and the mix modulation? As far as I understand, the basic difference is, that the morphing feature can morph between DDS1 waveforms (sampled ones or user waveforms), which gets benefit from the superwave feature, but the mix modulation can only morph between DDS1 and DDS2, thus a transition between a super wave of DDS1 and a standard wave of DDS2 is possible. If I do this manually by adjusting the mix knob, this can bring nice results, but not the same results as the Gemini DDS1 morphing between two super waves.

Good news - Mix as a mod dest does work and its wicked! Love layering in some noise on top of sine/tri waves or morphing from a wavetable to a clean sine on DDS2 is great - especially using Poly aftertouch!

@Vanlesson not entirely sure what your asking - but you are able to both morph between the waves on DDS1 (as long as they are next to each other / the A+B Wavetables) and also modulate the mix between DDS1 + DDS2. Therefore you can be modulating between a super wave DDS1 and the standard DDS2


wow, didnt expect both is working. What a hell of possibilities!

Is there any way to tell when the knob/fader settings line up with the preset?

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Absolutely loving the Gemini. It’s going to be a beautiful journey exploring the possibilities with it.
Well done UDO on such an amazing accomplishment.

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Sharing another quick jam I did after importing some wavetables from Serum - sounds great and this is only using 1 layer!

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Got mine last night. Was visiting a music store, and they just got the shipment of two units. Grabbed the other one as one was already reserved. So far enjoying the Gemini alot!


Lucky you! Im meant to have mine mid-next week.

Post any discoveries you make!

I have played with this amazing synth for a couple of days now. One thing I notice, although I don’t have my Super 6 anymore, it seems more tame on a single layer. I am making the exact same patches as on the Super 6, but I am missing some beef it seems. However, if you use the arpeggiator and put it in Legato mode, the power seems to be there in heaps. I’d like to have this power too without using legato mode. Is this something you guys experience too? I hope this will be addressed in a future firmware.

I wonder what it the difference you’re experiencing is… the legato mode is louder, so the VCA is driven hotter but then this was identical in the super 6. The Gemini doesn’t clip nastily when the VCA ENV level is too high like the super 6, so in theory the gain curtailment in poly mode could be removed. Pushing the vca ENV LEVEL higher (toward max) may help you…

Thanks, that could be it, I’ll have to try this. The Gemini does clip too though, but again, this could be my mistake of course.

First impression: it reminds me of a next-generation CS80. Absolutely a timeless set of great controls, expression and immediacy. I spent a whole lot of time playing with it today, for the first time and it has the right “feel” to it. So, first impression is that this synth will be used a lot in my studio.

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