Super Gemini voice allocation mode

Would there be any chance of making the choice between round robin and same-voice allocation methods a per-preset option (via a shift function)? Perhaps pressing shift+voice assign mode when Unison is not active (and poly 1 or poly 2 is selected?).

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Please, can you add this also to the Super 6 (upvoty), pretty please :slight_smile:

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Just to flesh this out a bit further…

To give the user an indication of which of the two modes is selected, I’d suggest one of the following implementations:

When shift+voice assign is pressed, have the LED (Poly 1 or Poly 2, depending on which poly mode is in use) blink once for same-voice mode and twice for round robin mode (or vice versa).

The LED then returns to a steadily-lit state;

When shift+voice assign is pressed, have the Poly 1 / Poly 2 LED be steadily lit for same-voice mode and blinking for round robin mode (or vice versa).

Implementation 1 offers fewer visual distractions but implementation 2 means the user can always know which mode is in use at any given moment.

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Thinking about this further, perhaps a more obvious way (and one which doesn’t require the shift button) would be as follows:

When either the Poly 1 or Poly 2 LED is lit, simply long press the Voice Assign button to switch between the two modes (round-robin/specific-voice).

(This would probably mean that the Voice Assign button would need to change on release rather than on press in order to be able to register a long press.)

Use one of the two lighting schemes proposed in the previous post to indicate the currently-active mode.