Mono modes don't make sense

I’m a little confused about the naming and features of the 3 monophonic modes on my Super 6.

Why is Unison mode forced to legato? It seems unnecessary to have a whole separate Legato mode when you could just have Unison mode set to a single voice.

The annoying thing about this is, there is no way to play in Solo mode (re-triggering envelope) and have the voices stacked like Unison mode.

There could be 2 fixes for this…

1 - When in Unison mode, Shift+Binaural switches between Legato (single envelope) and Solo (re-triggered envelope).


2 - Allow voices to be stacked when in Solo mode.


Agreed completely about the unison being forced to legato. I wish you could have it be retriggered like in solo as well. If there’s a clever way to implement this it’d be great.

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Could anyone from UDO chime in about this?

I don’t want to send an email to support, as I assume that is more for people with technical issues.