Solo mode not quite right

New owner, learning to get around on the beast. I did notice an ‘error’ in envelope triggering behavior in solo mode & didn’t see it posted anywhere. Hopefully can be addressed in a future update.
Notes retrigger as they should regardless of legato playing except that any held notes are not retriggered when the most recent note is let go. In that case it’s a legato change to the held note. Definitely effects faster octave type riffs.
Standard behavior when playing octaves in retrigger mode would be - hit the low note it trigs, now hold the low note and play an octave higher which trigs, then simply releasing the high note retrigs the low note.


Hi, this is by design, I found it more natural not to retrigger when a note is released but rather only when a new note is pressed. We can open the discussion with the team and see whether this is generally agreed as the right approach

The behaviour seems fine to me for mono playing,possibly because I’m old. Not sure it’s standard to retrigger a note upon release of another though - but it can seem that way depending on the envelope’s sustain value and the note priority.
Some synths (e.g. Minimoog) use single triggering and prioritise high or low notes (low in the case of a Mini) while others use multi triggering (e.g. the Odyssey). In the former the envelope is not retriggered if you play legato, allowing for some smooth solo work while in the latter the envelope is triggered for every note, regardless of legato playing - the effect is often felt to be more ‘punchy’. More modern synths often offer a choice and also high, low or last note priority.