Unison is stuck in legato mode? Voice Assign confusion

I’m a bit confused about the Voice Assign behaviour on my SuperGemini (firmware v1.12) -

the printed manual that came with my machine says (on page 89):

Blockquote … enabling unison in Solo and Legato modes stacks all available voices for each note played. In all polyphonic modes, the total number of stacked voices available is divided by the number of voices currently triggered.

‘Great!’ I thought, just like the Roland Jupiter 4 :slight_smile: And I duly tried to play Seconds by the Human League…
…except it doesn’t seem to behave like that at all: if you press Unison, the lights on the Solo/Legato/Poly1/Poly2 go out. Unison always seems to put you into legato mode.

What’s going on?

Well, UDO Support told me this was a misprint in the manual, and the Super Gemini doesn’t have a poly Unison mode. (Yet).

I added my +1 to the feature request. : )