Sysex patch dump not working (firmware v0.30)

Hi all,

When I press SHIFT followed by DUMP on my Super 6 keyboard, I see no MIDI output at the USB port, nor any UI feedback (i.e. the global function buttons A-D, F & H remain in a flashing state). I’m expecting SHIFT, DUMP to “dump the currently selected patch via MIDI as a SysEx file” as stated in the user manual.

Has this feature not yet been implemented?

(My Super 6 is running firmware v0.30, and the USB MIDI I/O is otherwise working great! To eliminate my DAW from the equation, I used MIDI Monitor to double check that no MIDI data is arriving when attempting to trigger a sysex dump).

I’m trying to figure out a workflow whereby I craft a patch in manual mode, record a MIDI performance to my DAW and dump the patch via Sysex so that I can recall that patch later as needed directly from the sequence (irrespective of the contents of the Super 6’s internal patch memory. i.e. without using program change messages). Is this currently possible?



I asked support for 0.27 and it hadn’t been implemented yet. No indication in the release notes that it has been added in 0.30 either.