Sysex request/dump documentation required to add UDO Super 6 to free Sysex Librarian

Hi all, the MIDI implementation document refers to the Udo web-site for details on the sysex specification. As I’d like to add the Super 6 to my self-written, free, and open source Sysex Librarian called the KnobKraft Orm, I was looking for that document (even if my Super 6 is not ordered yet, still trying to convince me that there is enough space for it in my home studio).

Has anybody found that documentation?

BTW, if we find it I am happy to have testers when the Super 6 is implemented. I support a list of synths by now. Have a look at GitHub - christofmuc/KnobKraft-orm: The KnobKraft Orm - The free modern cross-platform MIDI Sysex Librarian if you llike.


Still nobody? I guess the documentation is not out yet? Would the UDO folks read the forum, else somebody interested and owning a synth already could open a support ticket with this request :slight_smile: I don’t want to as I still haven’t got one. Finger is on the trigger though, if the blue one would be available right now…

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Maybe you should add a request to the faq at Submit a request – UDO Audio Support ?

If you need any testing I´d be happy to help out.

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Ok, will do. I didn’t feel eligible not owning one right now, but I’ll give it a go!

They came back to me and promised to get the improved documentation out by end of Q1, so there is hope!