TOL patches

I’d like to thank UDO for putting up this forum. After two months of using the syntheziser daily I feel I’ve only scratched the surface of patch creation. Tips and tricks from other owners are definitely appreciated! My personal taste lean towards classic analog. As I explore the synth I’ll try to upload my more usable patches :slight_smile:

Patch download:

Demo sounds:


A couple of new patches added:


Added an electric piano patch:


Nice patches!
How do you like the OTO BAM? I was on the fence about it. I am curious how it compares with different plugins like the Eventide and Valhalla plugins.

Thanks. I find the OTO very natural and warm compared to say R4 and Nimbus. The input signal is controlled using a filter and gain. The algoritms are quite usable too, like the room is quite natural. Hands-on to operate. Most of my demos are with ambient algo with a bit of chorus.

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Totally love these patches!! Real nice indeed.

What chords are you playing for the ResoPad?

Thanks! My music theory is still lagging so I’ll have to give you piano roll instead, hehe:

A#5 G#5 A#5 G#5 A#5 G#5 D#6
F#5  -   -   -   -   -  A#5
D#5  -   -   -   -   -  G#5
C#5  -  A#4 C 5 C#5  -  D#5

D#3 B 2 F#2 G#3 B 2 C#3 D#3
D#2 B 1 F#1 G#1 B 1 C#2 D#2
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Three new patches added:


Thanks StargazePad is just lovely!

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Any more patches? :stuck_out_tongue:

You should make a bank for sale I would buy :+1:

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@trond.olsen Is that like a sign? :alien:

You patches show off “vintage” qualities of Super 6 better than anyone else’s. (imo)

Hehe, thanks! I´m now actually more focused on digital sounds with DDS1 waveforms, especially in non-binaural mode. Got a small hope pinned on UDO adding wavetable interpolation in the future. That would open up some exciting possibilities in the digital direction.


Wave interpolation? Like wavetable sweeping? Or something different?

I will gladly take any patches you make… digital or analogue :+1:

Thought of the classic approach in PPG where the wavetable contains a set of waves which can be interpolated as demonstrated in this video. And quite nicely demoed in this demo.

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