TOL patches

I’d like to thank UDO for putting up this forum. After two months of using the syntheziser daily I feel I’ve only scratched the surface of patch creation. Tips and tricks from other owners are definitely appreciated! My personal taste lean towards classic analog. As I explore the synth I’ll try to upload my more usable patches :slight_smile:

Patch download:

Demo sounds:


A couple of new patches added:

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Added an electric piano patch:


Nice patches!
How do you like the OTO BAM? I was on the fence about it. I am curious how it compares with different plugins like the Eventide and Valhalla plugins.

Thanks. I find the OTO very natural and warm compared to say R4 and Nimbus. The input signal is controlled using a filter and gain. The algoritms are quite usable too, like the room is quite natural. Hands-on to operate. Most of my demos are with ambient algo with a bit of chorus.

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