UDO aggressive sounds

For anyone who thinks UDO synths are for pads and ambient sounds. :wink:
Will post experiments of my search for the more aggressive side of these synths.
No ‘music’ mind you, just sounds.

This one here is in Mono mode, single oscillator, with some AM and crossmod thrown in
for taste.

[headphones, play loud]


Love it! Very creative use of the instrument! There’s lots of audio rate modulation on the Super series. When you choose hi res control mode you can tweak the depths and rates to get some really interesting pulsing and gargling.

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Thank you! I got the Gemini for this wild stuff, and boy it sure pulses and gargles! :smiley: Wasn’t aware of hi-res control mode, check!

Another UDO Gemini sound demo demonstrating its more raw character:

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