UDO S6 Store sequence don't work?

Hi !
Anyone here can help me to understand why I can’t record (or store ) a sequence?
After making a sequence I press “Shift” “Seq Rec”, as indicated in the manual, but nothing happens, the LEDs scroll as if I simply pressed “Seq Rec”… I can LOAD the factory sequences easily, but nothing else.
I never try this before but I don’t think it’s so complicated ?
Thanks !

I keep forgetting the Soup even has a sequencer. I really should try and use it. Seem to recall that if you step through the options once too far it stops playing, unless you remember to hit another button first. Remembering stuff isn’t my forte though…

You have to save it like your presets. After shift + seq rec, press and hold oke of the preset buttons where you want to save

yep I know that, but when I do this (shift + seq rec) nothing happens, normally I’m supposed to have the presets light up right?
As I said before, when I press “shift”, the shift mode is activated, and when I choose “seq rec” it acts as if I were pressing Seq Rec without the shift. I go from Step to Slide then to Accent etc… And when I select a patch and hold it for 3sec, nothing happens because it’s in these parameters.
It’s exactly the same if I press “shift+ sec rec” at the same time.

The documentation is clear, but I wonder if this is a firmware bug and if some people have already experienced this?

softroom I didn’t understand what you wanted to tell me :sweat_smile:

Sorry I get that a lot. Ignore me. :wink:

Press and hold seq rec

Doesn’t work to… Nothing happen