Sequencer SAVE function stops audio?

Is it possible to not have audio cut out while saving a sequence? in a studio setting it’s not an issue but in a live setting, it’s a headache having the audio cut out whilst trying to build up patterns/sequences in real time.

For live performative uses, it would be helpful to create a sequence, save it and make variations of that sequence in real-time so you can switch between them but with the audio cutting out, it’s very problematic!

@udo-audio could this be fixed in the near future?

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I think I asked for that back when I first got mine. Haven’t really used the sequencer much over the years, still pine for something simpler and faster like an sh-101 maybe.

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I do feel the sequencer is very much overlooked by UDO, the S6, to me anyway, is a very expressive and performative synthesizer, it begs to be performed and interacted with but the sequencer feels very basic and could massively benefit from some attention.

I have mentioned in another thread that this synth needs a real-time sequencer, similar to what you would find on the keystep. This would turn the s6 into a real game changer and would open up some incredible possibilities for live performance.

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