0.27 - Zippering in Volume knob

Hi there,
Just updated my Super 6 Desktop to firmware 0.27 and noticed that the volume knob now makes a zippering noise when rotated (it didn’t do this on the firmware that shipped). Anyone else have this issue?

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Pretty sure it’s always been like this on all FWs.

Oh, okay - I didn’t notice any volume zippering on the desktop when I first used it. (I’m wondering if it was actually on v 0.28 out of the box and I downgraded to 0.27?!)

Yeah always had zippering noise if you moved it fast, been on every FW since 0.21 I think. I think it was actually a bit less on the latest one, but didn’t A/B.

Hi Leigh,

Acidizer is correct, the ‘zipper sounds’ have always been there. They are a result of an important compromise: Most instruments use a potentiometer for volume adjustment. Characteristically, they eventually become scratchy or crackle after years of use. We thought about a final VCA for the master volume, but this has the issue of a not ideal signal to noise ratio at lower settings and some distortion/colouration of the sound.

We eventually decided on a digital potentiometer. When static, it has near perfect characteristics and will never wear out unlike a potentiometer, neither will it add any noise or distortion to the signal like a VCA, however it has the drawback that there is a subtle but noticeable clicking when adjusted.

To overcome this, it is better to “set and forget” the master volume. Then use the ENV LEVEL fader in the VCA section to dynamically adjust the volume during any kind of recording or performance.
This is a high quality VCA that has a much higher resolution of digital control.


Might be cool if there was some kind of ‘relative mode’ for the knobs in future. So, whenever you start adjusting something like Env Level, the change will be smoothly from there to the end of the control’s travel. Always liked that way more than ‘pass thru’ personally, I know there are pros and cons.
I mention this because it’s one reason for me to use the main volume knob rather than other controls - unless I’m in Manual mode (admittedly much of the time I am).

Thanks for the reply, that makes sense. I think I’ll need to be a bit more judicious with my use of the ENV LEVEL fader!

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding something, but wouldn’t it be possible to implement some kind of slew between the values? The ergonomic placement in the performance just really lends itself to that knob being used over the volume slider. Sadly it’s been an annoying little devil in recording situations, where you can really hear its - eapecislly with reverb.