Aftertouch problems for only 3 notes

Just received my SG this week in USA.
Made factory reset
Updated to 1.12 firmware.
Initially, as I do always, tested all keys.
Three of them are not responding with aftertouch accordingly.
I tried all possibly situations and the problem persist.
I sent a message to the Support, but I’m anxious because I have a window to return it and I sent the message 4 days ago and didn’t have an answer yet.

See this Video. It’s a private video only to show you.

@a.baroni Hi, we do not offer technical support via the forum. I looked into your issue and saw that you contacted support at the weekend of a public holiday. I see also that support has contacted you when they returned and is working with you to resolve your issue. Thanks, George

Already start the Support. I only would like to know if someone had similar problems. Mine is a hardware problem unfortunately. But it will be fixed soon.

Wonderful support from UDO Team.
With a simple firmware, the problem was corrected.
Thank you Ben.
One more brand that I believe.

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