Ambient song featuring the S6

Released on UK neoTantra label.

Check Where is Totoro track, From your humble fellow forum member.
Whole track revolves around two S6 sounds used in chord progressions + manipulated birds samples.
S6 sounds are essentially recorded dry. Except some delay in the end to make it breathe even more.

Happy or sad , enjoy the listening experience with a good headphone obviously !


Sounds great!

So Iā€™m not allowed to listen on my ATCs? :wink:

ATC should be more than enough :wink:

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Glad that the album is ranking #1 in the Ambient charts on Bandcamp today !!

Super happy. Super label. This just convinced me to get back to making more music after years of interruption.
But more importantly, I can never thank the UDO Super6 enough to have put me back to work in the first place.