Different algorhythms for left - right channel placing in 12 voice mode (Phase of LFO1)

If you don’t use binaural mode for 12 voices, you can place the tones left or right by using the phase button of LFO 1. Its a sticky algorhythm that means every note (for example the C) is all the time on the left or on the right side and stays there.That’s great for arpeggio … BUT if you play notes by hand it could happen, they you use all notes that are for the left or for the right side. Then it sounds like there is a channel fallen out. Everything you play is on the left or on the right side.
→ It would be a good thing if there’s a possibility to choose a different algorhythm so it’s possible all notes places some times on the left or on the right side. The stereo effekt would be more full when you play by hand and there is no feel of a lost channel.


@DDS please can you log this in upvoty @cricra we are working on a new algorithm that always alternates by voice rotation. This will be ready Q1 2023


That’s great. I’m so happy to read this. I will love my UDO S6 much more.

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