DIfferent Tunings than Equal Temperament / User definable tuning / Microtonal Tunings

How amazing it would be to be able to use different kinds of tuning systems… For example being able to tune your UDO Super6 in Just Intonation and be blown away by the pure harmonics… Considering the UDO has digital oscillators , shouldn’t this be possible? Logic Pro for example has this option and you can use different scales from baroque tunings to ethnic to greek to user as you please… Even if you could only adjust the 12 notes of a scale individually that would be amazing. I believe this is important new territory that enhances the future of music. The UDO is a musical synthesizer, and great for serious musicians. Being able to use different tuning systems is really super cool. By the way, the Korg Wavestation is about the only synth that I know of that had different user tunings .