Generative Patches?


Does anyone know if the Super 6 is currently capable of generative patches?

It’s something I’d like to try without getting a modular setup.

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I think you could get somewhere by using LFO1 and DDS2 in LFO mode, both set to noise/random, and sent to various parameters in varying amounts. Not sure if you can trigger the envelopes with an LFO, but assuming you can, you’d be right in the ballpark I think.

Edit: You could send one of the LFOs to the amp directly, and then use the looping envelope as a third LFO for more variations.


It is possible, though not the most apparent. I created a patch that’s very “Autechre-ish” that has generative qualities awhile ago, except I can’t reverse engineer exactly how I did it now lol. But, pretty sure it had to do with looping envelope and LFOs, and possibly using LFO1 S&H to modulate DDS2 either in normal or LFO mode.


Nice tip for using the synth!

You can simulate variable length “notes” by:
Set LFO1 to random
Let LFO1 modulate DDS1 and DDS2
Set DDS2 to square and activate lfo mode
Let DDS2 modulate LFO1