Headphone Out to Audio In

I tried using the old Moog trick of connecting the headphone out to audio in on DDS2, it sounded great but I noticed it made the synth get a bit hotter than usual. Is it safe to do this?


Yes there’s no risk of any damage.


Interesting trick. Haven’t tried. Could you post the result?

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Yes please. What does it supposed to do in theory even if no sound demos?

I wasn’t recording, I’ll try again though. It essentially creates a feedback loop of sorts, you can get some unpredictable driven sounds, very fun when you use the DDS2 filter fader. Try it!

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I made a quick demo using this method, Its just using a simple supersaw on DDS1. Lots of potential with this technique I think.


@plas that’s a new sound!!

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@udo-audio Something I’ve found since this video is that things get really gnarly in bandpass mode! Earplugs at the ready

Very cool! Thanks for posting

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OH MY!!!

I didn’t need 20 characters.

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And here I was thinking I would blow up my house if I tried this lol. This is fantastic.

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Mh, do you need a stereo cable for doing this?

It strangley doesn´t work on my unit, did i miss something;

dds2 on LFO mode and on audio in, and of course headphones out to analog in…but nothing…
Anybody has a glue?

Yeah stereo TRS cable or it will only be in left channel. You need to turn the gain up by pressing shift then moving the mixer knob up full. Also be in poly 2 mode


Why poly 2 mode?

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Its something to do with how the audio in is triggered; in poly 1 the gate opens when the signal is above a threshold, but poly 2 allows the keybed to act as a gate