Hold function for deselected layer in keyboard "single mode"


coming from this Post, i have a request for a more powerfull keyboard “single mode”:

Current state in single mode is that a layer can’t hold notes or arpeggios in case you switch to the other layer. If one want both layers play different notes at the same time, it is only possible in “split mode”.

But that limits the use of the keyboard, because it’s shared by both layers. That might be ok if you plan your performance and play low frequency/bass sounds on the lower layer (left side of the keyboard) and higher frequency sounds/leads on the upper layer (right side of the keyboard).
But in case you don’t know which way your performance will take, you might for example want to play higher notes on the keyboard on the lower layer, than it’s not possible on the splitted keyboard (even with transposing the keyboard).

That’s why i suggest the ability for the not selected layer to keep playing holded notes, arpeggios or the sequencer (i haven’t tested the ability of the sequencer for now).

I think the SG, as a performance instrument, is predestined for that behavior.

Thank you