How to clean front panel?

My unit is fingerprints galore… would love to know how to give the panel a clean without worrying about stripping the paint.

We use a micro fibre lint free cloth (“lens cloth”) like the type for sunglasses and a little alcohol (IPA).

Hope this helps! George

PS @swindail we include a cleaning cloth in the manual box have a look see if you find it! If not we can post you a few

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Expected as much but just wanted to make sure! Appreciate ya George

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Fingerprints? Doesn’t seem like that type of surface to get fingerprints. Is the blue one a different material?

No offense but wash your mitts before use? I have a kind of OCD where I wash my hands before using gear but still certain items get fingerprints, usually plastic stuff - but not my Super 6. Had it a year nearly and no fingerprints I can see.

I use a shaving brush to get the dust off it. Works great.

I have the grey/titanium color one and even if I haven’t washed my hands immediately before using it, there are no fingerprints.

It’s far superior to the blue one… heh.

I’m a clean freak trust me!! (wouldn’t have posted otherwise). I keep a dust cover on it too but I’m in a shared studio space. Such is life. Maybe not so much fingerprints and more just general hand grease :nauseated_face: