I’ve had to power cycle my desktop

Have you run into an issues where you had to power cycle to get sound back? I feel like once a day, at least, this happens to me. At first I only noticed it when I was trying to clock from the daw via usb with the arp on but now I see it’s just randomly at other points too. Power cycling always fixes it for me. Wondering what could be the culprit and if anyone else has the issue. Thanks :slight_smile:

I only use din midi out to S6 desktop here, and I have not run into this issue. But in terms of “getting sound back”, I do feel like patch changes with buttons, the sound engine on mine does take a second to “catch up” if that makes any sense.

Yes had this issue many times. Sometimes my lights don’t even come on, never mind the sound engine!

Sound engine can fail to come on twice in a row sometimes. Weird they haven’t fixed it yet it is annoying.

I have a problem with a certain patch on mine that makes DDS1 go into some mental noise mode that only doing a power cycle clears. Really annoying as it’s one of the patches I use live and I’m shitting it it’s gonna happen through a gig.

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Yikes. Thanks for chiming in. Sorry to hear that. I really hope it doesn’t screw up your live sets !