Internal clock tempo - no TAP?

I took the Super6 to a jam today. I was blown away again by the audio quality and versatility. But i i was hoping to be able to occasionally latch some arpeggio’s while tweaking other gear,

However, i was surprised to discover there’s no way to tap in a tempo when you are using internal clocking/no midi??
Trying to dial in a tempo with a rotary encoder is tricky at the best of times, but a total no-no during a live jam.

I would really like a way to be able to tap in a tempo! and i bet a lot of people will agree.


@Black_Materia i can see how a tap tempo would be very useful in this setting of internal clocking during a jam. We will have a think if there’s anything we can do @DDS this is a good one to log/upvote


Hey B
would love to know more about your jam situation , eg how many instruments , was there any midi sync going between any other members ?
im taking the S6 to a jam ive been attending for a few weeks … we generally try to sync everyone via midi ,im guess ing you want to sync delays and maybe apps sequences to your fellow jammers ?
are any of them using sequencers?
ive found tap tempo pretty rubbish on anything , bar delays … if your either trying to join a sequenced source , eg join in with other synced up instruments , or trying to sync with live musicians with tap is futile , if your lucky you could maybe play an arp for a bar before things start sounding out (in my ear)…
now this might be my tap tempo skills , but I do play drums and hand percussion at some level ,
my ear is very good been a dj for 25 years ,
I wondered if you’ve got a secret formula for syncing in jams using tap tempo ?
cuz for me id rather try get everyone to use a clock , then you can relax more into soundesign and playing rather than constantly re tapping …
if others are using sequencers , but you haven’t got the gear to sync , then more useful would be a bpm read out , which. isn’t ever gonna be a super 6 option … but if you have anything else with this midi and bpm on screen … plug the s6 out into that and use it to set your s6 to the tempo of your mate with the drum machine / what ever …
midi leads for all and a good thrubox. with enough outs is the best in my experience …

Ryan, hello
it seems your message had ended up in my spam folder.

The situation was as follows: there was some modular gear being clocked by cv, a guitaris, bassist etc. No midi clock availeable. So i was playing keys, but i usually can still use sequences or arps by tapping in a tempo. In a studio situation, i can match tempo with a rotary tempo control with some effort and a slight period of unpleasant ‘polyrithms’ until i get it right. But it’s not something i can do while jamming or playing on stage.

Tapping tempo works fine for me, though it will drift a bit. I just listen to the groove, start counting a pulse of fourths in my head, and once i have it, start tapping.

A good trick for doing tap tempo is this: think of the moment you tap/hit the button as ‘jumping off, lifting away from the button, rather than hitting it, as if you were physically jumping up every time the beat hits. It’s kind of a mental trick that gives a much tighter timing. if you think of ’ i have to hit down every time the beat plays’ you’re gonna be late ineviteably, or likely.
Try it, once you get it it will make a huge difference. It’s a trick that works for drumming or playing keys as well btw.

To be honest i ofcourse would always prefer a midi clock if i can help it. But sometimes it’s no option, and sometimes you’re playing with more ‘traditional’ musicians who are doing a bit of gatekeeping. So it’s a handy skill.


I used to do this when I still had a Nord Stage 2. This keyboard has a tap tempo button, which I used to sync the delay time with the drummer (so no midi-clock). Which worked great.