Is Polyphonic Aftertouch just a dream?

Only because this synth has basically everything I could ever want, it makes me wish polyphonic aftertouch was part of this incredible synth. I dont know the first thing about how this is implemented so maybe its not possible to add as a firmware update. But is it possible to add as a firmware update?

It is impossible as it is down to the hardware.

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I love the Fatar Keyboard tho. No complaints there.
Thanks Shor!

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… and with an external MIDI device (keybourd or touch controller) that supports polyphonic aftertouch it’s currently ignored.
It’s simply not a MOD source.

That’s because it’s not yet implemented. It’s in the features in development section under support on the website.

I think the answer, at least for the Super 6 in its current incarnation, is “Yes”. It will respond to poly AT, perhaps, in the future, with a firmware update, but AFAIK, it will never SEND Poly AT because the Fatar keybed they use is not capable of it.

I see there no comment regarding polyphonic aftertouch.
MPE ist under developement, but polyphonic aftertouch is not necessarily part of MPE.
With MPE you usually have one MIDI channel per currently pressed key = voice, so it could handle the same purpose via channel aftertouch (like it has to handle “polyphonic” pitch bend and expression via channel messages).
The polyphonic aftertouch MIDI message type was intend for that long before MPE was invented… but is the only available MIDI message (except velocity) that has any relation to pitch (= pressed key).
… and i’m not sure if the author had this in mind when mentioning polyphonic aftertouch on the MPE page of the manual.

So, with MPE you don’t need it, without MPE i wouldn’t be too optimistic to see this function.