UDO new firmware - bugs & first experiences w MPE

I’ve been testing the MPE, doesn’t seem quite there yet.
Roli Rise V1 via Ableton Live 11.

I’ve already encountered the following bugs:

1.playing a lot of notes and modulation = stuck notes

  1. when i play multiple notes, and slide my hand up and down, the pitch behaviour will start to have some kind of laterncy, whereby the falling notes drop almost a second after i physically did so, and the notes will sustain for the same amount of time after i lift my hand. It seems to be related to the amount of polyphonic information (more equals longer latency.
    Anything above two notes creates a response delay of over half a second, doubling with every note.

  2. When previous aftertouch note on mpe was high, the next time you play the note on the super 6 keys, it will always have a high AT value, regardless of pressing hard or soft. Pressing hard will only increase the amount lastly played by the mpe.
    Playing the same note softly on the mpe keyboard will result in a normal note when played on the keyboard itself again
    This is per-note so if you play the patch from the keyboard after that, the one note will have the aftertouch effect (eg vibrato) every time.

This might just be ineviteable, it’s not an issue if you only use the MPE controller to play notes.

  1. There is significant stepping in the pitchbending. The glide amount needs to be at full value to be almost inaudible, though you can still hear it if you focus. lowering the glide sensitivity just a little bit in the Rise Dashboard, and it sounds like a glissando.

Aftertouch sensitivity is very different, but that’s maybe a specific Roli Rise-thing, also initial velocity values will be very different, things will sound completely different and need to be readjusted a lot for translating on an MPE controller. Also probably just the nature of the beast, not an issue.

Further experimentation: Slide on the rise is by default cc74. In the manual it says slide would be affecting the exp/cv source in the mod matrix. this is not the case. Rather, cc 74 affects the filter cutof, and indeed the cc74 has filter cutoff as mod destination.

The strange thing is, when modulating the cc74, and thus cutoff, it sounds correct and polyphonic. however, if i set the cc to 4, which is listed as ‘foot controller’, i can use the cv/exp source in the mod matrix. however, if i now route that to the filter cutof, the sound is very glitchy and stepped, could be the 127 values of classic midi, but it seems even more extreme and warbly, almost like a fast square lfo. as if the synth is constantly scanning for the value, but only plays it for half the cycle and then resets to zero on the mirror of the pulse. sounds very nasty and digital, like a sample & hold modulation.

As is, going through the mod matrix with slide is not an option. Works fine when directly setting the slide cc to a parameter, like cutoff cc74 or resonance, CC71

When the seaboard rise is set to relative unipolar, only half of the modulation range is accessible relative bpolar, your value will be halfway higher and you can go up or down.

Maybe in a future update there could be a setting for either unipolar or bipolar, where one can use the full range, and the other has an offset, so a neutral (Zero note has the same initial value (zero instead of halfway up)

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Keyboard version

On every fifth keystroke the volume is way much higher.

Cannot use the synth :frowning:

Temp update: restart the synth. and it was normal.

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