Super 6 Desktop and Roli Seaboard - Slide

Hi guys,

This question is aimed to anyone who uses the Super 6 (desktop version in my case) controller with a Seaboard.
After setting the Seaboard dashboard software as recommended in the video (Hazel showcased the settings) and activating MPE mode, everything reacts as it should with one exception.
Slide (Y axis) is not affecting the filter in any way.

I tried this on an init patch. Is there any setting on the patch itself that needs to be added for this to work? Maybe I should make an entry on the modulation matrix?


Hi again,

After going through the manual I finally find what the missing bit is. Basically, in my desktop version, the global setting to receive parameters changes as CC was not enabled by default.
Thus, after activating it, the issue was solved. Now my UDO responds to midi transmitted CCs (both in MPE mode and standard midi mode).

To enable this option you have to:
Go to TX/RX E (Shift-W10) to enter the midi parameters changes section; the second button (W2) has to be solid light to enable receiving CC messages.

Hopefully this info is of use to anyone.