Keyboard stands?

Afternoon everyone,

I am currently looking into getting a tier keyboard stand and was wondering if anyone has had any issues regarding their stands and the super 6? I mention this because I have noticed many of the stands have a stopper and the end of the steel tube that stops the synth from sliding off the stand but the s6’s keys have a slight overbite and I am curious as to whether the stopper gets in the way of the s6 keyboard playing?

I hope that makes sense and any experience would be much appreciated.

I have a Jaspers, and on mine the left stopper is below the left hand controls, and the right is under 2 keys. The stopper comes to about the same height as the bottom painted portion of the synth, so the only thing impacted is the last mm or so of aftertouch. For normal playing I haven’t ever noticed, personally I’m not usually using AT in the top register.

I have far more problems being able to play my synths comfortably for more than half an hour ( getting the right wrist position, posture, etc) than I do with anything being in the way of the keyboards themselves.


Looking at it again, you could arrange the support arms on my stand to be under the feet of the Super6 (my arms are next to the feet right now) and then the stoppers would not impact key travel at all. I had it this way for a while until I put something else above the S6, and then I rearranged it to get more room to operate the controls under the synth above.

I use the Spider Pro Collumn stands.
And I’m really happy with these stands.

I probably had every stand configuration in the universe.
I got a Jaspers 3 tier stand a couple of years ago and it’s the best studio stand system I’ve ever owned.

It was my first stand, so I made a few mistakes with ergonomics when I set things up the first time. Things are better now, but I think it’s worth pointing out to think about that first.

I’m 6 foot 4 inches (about 193cm) tall, so that presents it’s own set of issues when it comes to ergonomics for me specifically. I can have the bottom tier at a comfortable height/angle for sitting and playing, and I can have the top tier at a comfortable angle for standing and playing. However, any tiers in between are difficult to get a good playing angle for my wrists while also being able to see all the way to the rear/top controls. I use those levels for modules now instead. I also recommend sticking with a 3 tier setup, I tried 4 and it was really cramped if you’re going to sit at the bottom tier.

I’ve used Spider Pro, Quiklok and currently a 6 tier Jasper for my S6 and no issues at all

Jaspers here as well. Nothing fancy, just the 3-tier. Shipped from Thomann’s to Canada, surprisingly low hassle. Depending on the angle of each tier though, I’ve noticed some keyboards can be more “slidey” than others.