LED Indicator to show current saved value?

When I load a patch, it would be nice to be able to see quickly where a knob / slider is set currently.

Would it be possible to hold down a button and then one of the many LED lights could light up when adjusting said input reaches the current saved value?


There was a thread on a similar topic a while back with some good ideas-


There’s a certain liberation to just using your ears imo. I do use this feature on Peak (best implementation ever) but on S6, with no screen, I just don’t care… especially if you need to go to these lengths it just becomes totally absurd.

Accept it and embrace it is my opinion, when you do this you get the best out of your synth, whatever that synth may be. They are all different so you shouldn’t try to shoehorn things into something that wasn’t built for that.

On OB-6 you get a little red dot if you tweak the knob to the exact matching parameter value and I was doing that for a while until I realised how pathetic it was. It’s not like it matters anyway. Does it sound ‘right’. That’s all that matters.