Logic Pro midi issue

This is probably more of a Logic issue than a Super 6 issue, but whenever I connect my Super 6 to my Mac over USB and open up Logic Pro 10 the Super 6 seems to receive strange unwanted midi commands from Logic.

The most notable effect is that after opening Logic the Super 6 starts playing a continuous audio signal made up of a few notes, and this signal is affected/interrupted by using Logic’s several functions such as hitting play, record, or simply clicking menu buttons. I haven’t found any strange midi command sends selected in my Logic’s settings so far.

Did anyone else encounter this issue and/or have tips on how to resolve this?

Hi @Remy , do you show any signs of the piano roll being played in logic? Is it possible a key is pressed down somewhere or a bad key on a computer keyboard? Does it still happen when you unplug everything else besides the super 6?

Hi @JimmyM , thank you for your reply.

No signs of my piano roll being played, and no keys pressed down either on the Super 6 or my Mac. I’ve tried unplugging everything besides the Super 6 but the issue still exists unfortunately :(.

Hey @Remy , are the sounds coming from the synth or a plug in from Logic?

What happens if you turn off midi send/receive on the S6 - does the same thing still happen?

The sounds are coming from the synths, and it still happens if I play with the TX/RX E/P parameters on the Super 6. I also now discovered that the same problem exists when I hook up my Korg Minilogue to my Mac over USB, so it definitely seems like it’s a Logic issue @JimmyM

Interesting…what type of noise is it? Is it like a static or is the synth getting triggered?

Sorry for all the questions, just trying to help isolate the issue. Same thing happens with headphones?

@JimmyM it differs, sometimes it’s a few tones simultaneously, and sometimes it’s one single tone, but always tones generated by the oscillators, and not static or noise.

No worries! Thank you very much for your help. And yes it’s the same with headphones.

Let us know if you figure out root cause…it does sound like it’s on Logic’s end