LPF Cutoff as a modulation target

I’d love to have LPF cutoff as a mod target for two reasons:

  1. Negative KeyTrack.
  2. Fine-tuned positive KeyTrack.

Yes I know, filter cutoff can already be modulated by almost everything, from the panel. And yes, we have this lovely KEYTRACK toggle sitting there. But I haven’t found a way yet to get negative key tracking, where the bass register is favoured over the high notes. That is, the filter opens more in the lower notes than in the higher notes. Pure bliss for lower register parts that also includes some higher accent notes.

Fine tuning the KeyTrack value is another reason. Imo, the right amount of key tracking over some pattern stretching an octave or more is as important as the static Cutoff value.

Isn’t this what “note number” modulation does? @udo-audio

If so, definitely want this for the Super 6 keyboard.


Yes, Note number to Cuttoff with negative amount should do the trick. But the Cutoff fader is not recognised as a target in Mod Assign mode, at least on the Gemini.