MIDI interface boot order causing stuck notes v0.53

I’ve run into a bug now that I’ve hooked up my Super 6 to an iConnectivity mioXL MIDI interface. This occurs with 100% reproducibility. If I turn on my interface before powering on the Super 6, there will always be a stuck MIDI note playing when it boots. This occurs regardless of whether other MIDI devices are connected to the interface or if they are not sending any MIDI messages when it boots. This does not occur if I power on the Super 6 before the interface, and will clear the note if I turn the interface off and on again.

If the interface has a software utility I would check midi messages sent/receive when powering on S6. I see on my Blokas Midihub the S6 sends clock, reset controllers (cc 121) and pitch bend on startup, nothing received.