MPE needs to be implemented with each patch change Why?

I’m using a Linnstrument with my UDO.

Every time I change patches on the UDO, my Linnstrument stops talking to the UDO and I need to hold down shift/mpe and press 1 again.

This is pretty silly. Are UDO planning to fix this?

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I had the same problem, took me about 15 minutes to change all patches to mpe.
Not a disaster, but a dedicated “set all mpe on” option would’ve been nice.
Btw with the linnstrument how did you set the pitchbend on the UDO to 48 I can’t seem to make that work.

Isn’t it possible to change the init patch so that MPE always is on for it?

I don’t use MPE myself but try this out

(manual v4.0, page 118)

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