Patches don't light up after update - factory reset?

Hey everyone,

I just updated to v 0.30 and the patch buttons don’t light up anymore, only the A-button. So I can’t see on which patch bank I currently am. Did this happen to anyone else?

I’d like to reset my synth to the factory default, but can’t find instructions to do that. Any leads?

Thank you <3



I never experienced this so I don’t know but,

Check out the 3.0 Manual, page 109 under “Global Settings” → “Global Reset”. Is it what you are looking for?

Also, check page 111 “Patch, Sequences & Waveforms Management“. Maybe missing or misplaced files.

I hope this helps

It’s possible that you need to re-instate your init patch… See this thread: Update instructions - init patch - v0.30 - #2 by DDS

I saw similar issues when my S6 had no init patch.