New waveform request

Not sure if I should put this here or in the waveforms section, but I wanted to request a pack of waveforms at some point down the road that have formant type sounds, synthetic vocal ooohs and ahhhs and eeees, etc. kind of like the formant oscillators on the Nord Lead A1. I love the waves that have been included already from UDO and look forward to trying out the more enharmonic ones, but some vocal type sounds would just sound beautiful on this thing, especially in super mode detuned.


I tried a few of the Prophet VS formant style waves in my S6, along with the one in one of the UDO packs, and one or two sounded OK, but the trouble with single cycle waves of this type is that real vocal formants generally change a lot with pitch, so they only sound good (or “vocal”) over a pretty small range of notes.

But yeah, I think there were four in the whole of the VS waveforms (going on their name/description), and one from UDO, so I agree a few more to try out would be great!


Thanks for your reply, and that makes a lot of sense about single-cycle and formants maybe not being the best combination and having a limited pitch range. I agree, though, that having some more to give a try would be fun!