Patch stacking / bi-timbral

This is not at all a necessity nor something that needs to be considered immediately - like the rest of the Super 6 owners out there I’m just waiting on that new firmware!

Would be awesome to see a patch stacking capability for the Super 6 though at some point in the future like the Rev2 and other modern polys with large voice counts if it’s at all possible.


Yeah, I’ve thought of this as well. Not needed, as you said, but it would definitely be a fun way to experiment on the s6.

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Yeah, would be cool if we could disable binural-ity whenever it’s not needed and use those voices for stacking.

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Definitely. As awesome as binaural is it’s definitely not a tool I take advantage of any more or less compared to everything else the S6 has to offer - stacking would just be another great asset for designing sounds

I’d love it too, be even more versatile if you could send two separate (yes, they would have to be mono) patches, one from each physical output.


Lovely. That would more or less turn the S6 into a Jupiter 8.
But first we need proper handling of polyphony and midi clock , and MPE. the latter of which I am really looking forward to, more than anything else. MPE has opened such a new ground of expressiveness , on an S6 it would be a killer.

For sure - I was thinking this would be a cool thing to explore once they’ve ticked off everything in development