Newbie - S6 Boot Disk

Hey guys, I just bought a second hand S6 Keyboard in grey, wow such a beautifully made instrument!.
Every time I turn on the S6 2 disks show up on my Mac’s desktop, so my question is:
is this the normal behavior? if so do I need to eject them before turning the S6 off?
Also, does the S6 comes with a printed manual when bought brand new? where can I buy one?

Yes, I got a very nice printed manual when I bought my super6 desktop. I don’t think that the Udo shop is up and running so I don’t have any suggestions where to buy a new one.
But you could just download the web manual and print it yourself/printshop

Re the disc, just disconnected the usb cable between super6 and mac, otherwise the disc will mount every time you turn the super 6 on.
My desktop is acting up when I use the usb connection so I don’t use it unless I have to.

Hey thx for getting back, so the disk mounting on the Mac is a normal then, the midi over usb works just fine so I can live with it :slight_smile:

I suppose so but I’m not an expert. Rule of thumb, if it ain’t broken don’t fix it.

USB not working g8 could be due to my setup and I’m really just using OG midi, so I wouldn’t put too much into it

Just looking at p112 of the super 6 manual, you get this:


If you connect your Super 6 to a computer, you can easily access and organise patches, sequences and alternative waveforms which are stored on the instrument. This is useful for swapping and backing up patches, sequences and waveforms as well as freeing up the Super 6’s internal memory.

Follow the steps below to access the SUPER6 drive:

  1. Turn off the Super 6.
  2. Connect the Super 6 to your computer using the included USB cable.
  3. Hold the PATCH button and power cycle the synth to unlock the SUPER6 disk drive. The LEDs of the 16 patch and bank select buttons will indicate the progress of the loading process.
  4. Once the LEDs indicate that the Super 6 is in patch mode, release the PATCH button.
    The Super 6 will appear on your computer’s desktop as an external drive named SUPER6
    and can be accessed just like any flash drive.
    SUPER6 contains four folders: ‘patch_banks’, ‘sequences’, ‘waveforms’ and ‘alt_waveforms’.

I assume if you do this again it might turn it out of patch mode, if it’s annoying you!

Hope that helps

I saw this in the manual and I thought well my S6 does it automatically, but it didn’t occur to me to try it out to disable the auto disk mount…silly me…Thanks Ray, I will try this out.