Okay to run super 6 on 110v?

I am in the USA and have received my 220v rated super 6 from Germany. Is it okay to run it at 110v? Should I replace the fuse? Or is it a good idea to use a step up transformer. Thanks :slight_smile:

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You should probably contact Support about that directly:


I imported mine from Thomann to Socal, and mine came with international plugs including US, so I just plugged it into my studio power strip. No issues thus far.

Manual page 20 says:

… operates over a range of 90 to 250 volts and 50 to 60 Hz.

… what is no big surprise, because most modern standard power supplies are designed to be universal for a wide range.
So you only need a cord that fits to your wallplug. :+1:

Adding for future reference: support contacted me and told me this was fine to run at 120v