Permanent beta?

you may well be correct there.

don’t hold you breath thou !!!

All this nervous energy. Go play another synth, or play the Super 6, it still works 99% the same as it will after any update.

It’s clear they aren’t going to release a S6 update before the release of the Gemini and that’s a good thing, it means there is a higher chance we got extra features from that synth.


Thats changed to Tuesday 21st, but also someone said thats for the 2nd batch which includes some spare stock that anyone could order right now, hence that date being shown to prospective customers on their online store. According to the same person, those who previously pre-ordered from the very first ones Andertons are getting may get theirs sooner, eg Saturday, if Andertons receive those first ones tomorrow as anticipated.

hinh_distribution just posted a story of the Gemini packaging on Instagram: „Christmas has officially come early this year“. It seems we can trust the andertons release date.

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Yes today i paid the balance on my Andertons Gemini order. I’m in the first batch apparently and Andertons say they’re expecting to receive them tomorrow. 24 hrs for processing then delivery so may be arriving Monday?


Sounds jolly exciting. Fortunately, I’m still not going to be tempted until there’s a blue one.

At least one person has received their Gemini today (not me sadly, I ran out of money).

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Still doesn’t have features described in the manual. I bought it based on what I thought was an honest description of its capabilities.

The trust is damaged.


This is a fairly accurate comment to be fair.
Good point.

Please remind me, what features are in the manual but aren’t implemented? I think I saw it somewhere but did not find it ad-hoc

Aight, SG is out and it’s magnificent!
YouTube has videos, its first FW has already dropped and George is personally here in the forum crushing a bug that got reported in bout 4 hours FLAT.

Awesome stuff. Really great to see! I’m sure that seems sarcastic but I’m being genuine. Looks like a great launch thus far.

Sup with that S6 update doe?

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Gemini Firmware is at V1.9 while S6 is at 0.53… :grin:
Not a complaint - just wondering what that means.

I guess this is Georges reaction on “permanent beta”: now he multiplies each firmware version number by 10 (0.19 → 1,9) :joy:


Two examples are in the implementation of MPE.


Arpeggiator MIDI data not being sent when LOCAL is set to OFF when using the S6 as a MIDI keyboard. As far as I know…