In MPE mode, what does Note Off Velocity do?

I’m using my Expressive E Osmose to control my Super 6 Desktop (v0.53) in MPE mode.

On page 111 of the manual (v4.0), it says that Super 6 responds to Note Off Velocity and that this MIDI message can be controlled by the DYNAMICS toggle switch in the VCA section.

However, when reading page 47, I see no mention of how the VCA would respond to Note Off Velocity. So, I guess my question is how Note Off Velocity actually is used in the DYNAMICS of the VCA section and whether it’s also used somehow when using velocity as a modulation source.

Given what I found out in this thread, that the manual contains a lot of things that haven’t even been implemented yet, I guess that this could be a similar thing.

Thinking about it, I don’t know what a sensible default that can’t be changed would be for Note Off Velocity. I mean, I guess it could be cool to for example modulate the release time (so that a high Note Off Velocity would result in a fast release and vice versa), but this isn’t a behavior that I would like to have on every single patch.