[Poll] UDO Gear Custom Configuration

Would you guys be interested in accessing custom configuration for your UDO Gear? If so, would you prefer:

  • On-Disk Configuration File
  • Startup Button Combo
  • Other (please specify in comments)
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Discussion stems from:

Also, what parameters would you guys be interested in seeing available? For example, I’ve seen some of us mention wanting more control of the “smoothing/slew” amount.

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I voted for start up button combo - probably most direct/intuitive - but in the event of having multiple configs, maybe having them on disk, with the ability to select from some predetermined subset upon loading.

I don’t know if this is the kind of thing you’re thinking of, but I would like to start up with a custom keyboard mapping (likewise alternate tunings/scales if possible) but this would have to be implemented on the firmware side first.

Anything else I’ll let you know when I’m onboard, waiting on a Gemini!

Sorry to ask, but what exactly is ment by “On-Disk Configuration File”? Do I have to connect S6 each time when starting to my PC or DAW? Or is this done once and then, for all times, the configuration is fixed until I modify it?
Could this be done by a USB-stick with the config file when starting up S6 or do I need any intelligent (master) PC with this file?

I’d guess something like a .txt file with a series of options in it. Would be great to be able to change some of the mod sources from the matrix but also for cross-mod (think it’s triangle regardless of selected waveform). Other ideas would be (for me anyway) to be able to let LFO2 run freely all the time, removing the current need to link aftertouch to pitch bend, and maybe adding a means to more directly set LFO1’s waveforms from the pool of user waves without faffing around setting it in the main oscillator first. Um, yeah, that kind of thing.


If Im guessing, it will be exactly like this.